Catlle & cattle drives

If you like the truly authentic western experience and feel like a real cowboy you are cordially invited to join us working with the cattles and participate in one of our adventurous cattle drives.

Experience a big cattle drive in late spring, when the cattles are coming off their summer range and we are bringing them down to the 4d ranch. The horses really enjoy it and you'll love it too. It gets you off the beaten path - driving cattels and calves that have their own ideas of when to stop, and where to go.

During the summer, there is always plenty of cattle work to be done. In summer we have more than 100 cattles on the ranch. Ride your horse through the longhorn herd, round up and move the cattles, herd the longhorns to new pasture or just enjoy watching the cows with their baby calves. You even can learn to rope a calf or doctor cattles if needed.

Leave the 20th century behind: by working with the cattles you will fell like stepping back in time and experience what it means to be a cowboy.